Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bnter - save and share the fun conversations

You know that moment. There is this ideal back and forth with someone that just cracks you up. Or a deep conversation that results in the meaning of the universe. But how do you save and share those messages? Enter Bnter. Save the most important bit of the conversation in a very easy to read, intuitive format. Here's a description of bnter from their about page: 
Bnter is a way to share your conversations and learn more about the lives of friends and others.
We limit the length of the conversation so the most meaningful part is highlighted.
Tagging allows you to categorize your conversations. Clicking on tags of other posts lets you search the feed to see similar conversations.
If the text is between yourself and another user, attribute them. Check mentions to see conversations attributed to yourself.
Repost conversations that interest you or mirror your life. You can edit the tags to add your own voice.

Learn more and sign up at

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