Friday, April 4, 2014

Samsung Data Combination

Samsung may combine all the information we collect from you in relation to your Samsung account and related Services (you can find the list of related Services in your Samsung account Terms and Conditions). We may use such combined information for purposes consistent with our Privacy Policy. This means that information collected in connection with one service may be used by other services for the purposes we describe in the Privacy Policy.

By consenting to this, you may receive customized services, i.e., customized content, recommendation, offers and advertisement that we believe will interest you (provided by AdHub). If you choose not to consent at this time, Services will still be available but the customized services may not be available. And please note that, the choice you make with respect to data combination will not affect whether you receive other types of recommendation or advertisements which are not based on data combination.

You can give your consent at a later time by visiting the setting menu of applicable devices or changing settings of your Samsung account. You can also choose to withdraw your consent by visiting the same place. If you want to specifically opt-out of interest-based advertisement (provided by AdHub), please visit settings of your Samsung account.

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