Friday, January 14, 2011

Facebook messages: reborn

Backstory: faq About new messages (official splash page), See the messages that matter (blog post),  Techcrunch report
The New Messages
Status of your messages
Also send as a text message

Quick Reply mode: press Enter to send
You can also attach a file or take a photo or a video 
Attaching two files
When uploading large files, you will see the progress discretely in the lower left corner of the screen (browser dependent feature, your mileage may vary) 
Uploading (54%)...
The error message I got when trying to attach a 41.8 MB file.
Error Uploading
Unfortunately, your attachment could not be uploaded at this time. Please try again later.

Error message encourages you to become an evangelist.

Actions you can take with facebook messaging
The balloon that appears when you click on the message icon next to the friend request icon in the top left corner displays an arrow sign indicates that I have replied to this message. 

Chat and messages are integrated. 

Lets us know when the contact is online
All this seemed pretty intuitive to me. I hope you liked all the screenshots here. Please feel free to leave a comment about this post.

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