Thursday, April 7, 2011

Renovation - Bennett Student Commons

Renovation for Bennett Student Commons is already underway to ensure that the new facility will be ready for your return in August. As you know, sidewalks have been removed on the East side of the building and trenching has begun in front of the building to reroute fiber optic cable. 

The trenching will require that we fence off part of the main entrance to keep people safe from the open trenches. This will be a bit inconvenient for the next week or two. To gain entrance to the dining hall, you will need to go West around the fencing toward the Meadows building and walk up the sidewalk next to the dining hall. You may also notice that we have two trees marked for removal on the East side of the building. Although we saved most of the trees close to Bennett, those two have to be taken out so that we can improve our ADA access to the building. New ramps and walkways are required which makes the tree removal necessary. None of us want to see any trees cut down on campus, but the benefits outweigh the loss in this case. New trees will be planted once our walkways, ramps, and planters are in place. If you  have any questions, please give me a call at (903) 923-2320. 

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