Friday, August 19, 2011

Fwd: The next chapter for webOS

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HP webOS Developer Update

Dear webOS Developer,

We have opened the next chapter for webOS, and we understand that you
must have many questions. Yesterday we announced that we will focus on
the future of webOS as a software platform but we will no longer be
producing webOS devices. While this was a difficult decision, it's one
that will strengthen our ability to focus on further innovating with
webOS as we forge our path forward. Throughout this journey, our
developers will continue to be a vital part of the future of webOS.

We will continue to support, innovate and develop the webOS App
Catalog.  Our intent is to enhance our merchandising and presentation
of your great products and to continue to build our webOS app

As many of you are aware, we are currently scheduled to hold many
developer events around the world. We are planning to continue with
these events, however, due to the recent announcements; the nature of
them will change. These updates will be posted on our events
registration site this coming week.  We are eager to present to you
the updated strategy for webOS and to hear your feedback.

Lastly, I wish to express our sincere appreciation for your ongoing
support for webOS and the many teams responsible for it here at HP.
This is a particularly dynamic time in the mobile industry and
sometimes tough decisions need to be made about not only what to do,
but also what not to do. This has been one of those times. Together
with our great webOS developer community, we are confident that we
will meet the challenges ahead and build momentum for optimal success.

We will be communicating with you frequently over the next few weeks
and we look forward to hearing from you throughout this process.

Thanks for your support

Richard Kerris
VP webOS Developer Relations


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