Saturday, June 11, 2011

On the train

The train is a wonderful thing. We get to meet so many different people on the train everyday. Some young, some old, some pretty, some ugly, some really withdrawn and in their own world, some really loud and really audible and visible -- and everywhere in between. The whole spectrum. Well, I am riding a train right now. My dad is on oneside of me while there is a lady with a little boy in her lap on the other side. The boy tries to reach for this chrome notebook and 111111!!111111 he just did. Usually, his mum just stops him beforehand. He was too quick this time. 


On a totally unrelated topic, I need to go out more often. I have been staying in the house too long. I need to meet new people. I need to go to new places. It would be lovely if everyone from my school in Texas were suddenly here. Sigh. I miss East Texas now more than my hometown when I reached East Texas. Isn't that weird? I lived in my hometown for over seventeen years and yet, I didn't miss it that much when I moved to East Texas for college. Now, I moved from Texas to New Jersey and I miss it. A lot. 

I am void. I am alone. I am stateless. 

I am too free for my own good. I mean, look at me. I wrote four separate pieces of rants in as many hours today alone. I am listening to Cold Play go Viva la vida. 

The kid tried to press something on the keyboard again. It almost seemed like he wanted me to ask him to stop. He looked at my face for a few seconds before he attempted to press the screen. Now, his mum thinks that whenever he presses the button, the screen turns black and I can't see a thing. That is not true. I feel like she is reading what I am writing so I turn the screen darker. Maybe she is reading it now and will know. Oh well. The screen is at about ten percent brightness so she would really have to make the effort to read the screen. 

Did you just see what I did? I tried to distract you from what was really happening. I tried to change the topic. I tried to deflect attention away from myself. I am so ... Ugh! 

Now playing: Firework by Katy Perry. I guess I need to be more optimistic. Maybe. another. day. After all, as Avril Lavigne says, "Tomorrow is a different day." 

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