Sunday, January 2, 2011

As read on the new york times

I read this comment on the new york times. What do you think? 
Repugnant Ideas
Ban all languages, and unify all people with the logical ESPERANTO modern superlanguage–Only 10 rules of grammar. NO irregular verbs. No 100 verb conjugations. Spelling is phonetic.
Ban all religions. Unify believers with a single monotheistic superreligion based on peace, love and cooperation. Call it ” Double Rainbows All the Way.’
Allow study of holy books like the Bible or Koran or Book of Mormon to be equivalent to literature–no different than chick lit, bromance novels, or Playboy. No you cannot base your life on camels and life in the desert.
Ban all food restrictions and food intolerances: everyone will enjoy vegan high protein biscuits and Velveeta cheese.
Allow the harvesting of human fat from liposuction clinics to be used as biodiesel. Its homegrown, it reduces our foreign oil addiction, and it slenderizes the populace. It’s Win-Win!
— Drill-Baby-Drill Drill Team

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  1. Esperanto will not ban all languages but intends to be a second language for all.

    Can I add that Esperanto is not only a great idea, but is now a living language.

    The study course is now receiving 120,000 hits per month.

    That can't be bad :)


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