Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The artificial sweet taste you will love

I will tell you about the product but first, lets get a few administrative items out of the way.

  1. This post is not sponsored by anyone (and I doubt anyone will sponsor me after reading this anyway) 
  2. I don't lift or work out. 
Alright, with those important points out of the way, lets jump into the discussion. The topic today is the artificial sweet taste you will love. Now, don't get me wrong. A natural sweet sense is not bad. Of course, if you are a child, you want the natural care and love from your family. Not everything in life needs to be natural though. Arsenic is natural as nature comes and you don't want that.

Therefore, with great pride I can tell you that the taste of my [redacted] Whey Protein Natural Banana flavor is defiantly not natural. It is an artificial flavoring and an artificially sweet taste. Let me tell you why that is a good thing.

The whole exercise is a matter of taste so of course your mileage may vary.

In my opinion, I like the (takes a swirl) thick consistency and  artificially delightful bubble gum pop sweetness of the protein shake.

That is the gist of my argument. I like it. I have no other argument.

Sorry you had to read this far to find out.

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