Friday, October 21, 2016

Your credit card account will close when your card expires

We're writing to let you know that your credit card will close on its expiration date within the next two months. Your account has no balance, and we're closing it because it hasn't had any recent activity. you may use the card until it closes, but using it won't keep it open. 

Here are a few reminders about closed accounts 
  • Destroy all cards and access checks 
  • Contact any merchants that automatically bill the account for ongoing services, such as insurance, internet and memberships, and make other payment arrangements. 
  • Make payments on any remaining balance by the due date on your statements. 
  • Review the current terms and conditions that still apply to this account. 
  • Tell anyone else that uses the account that it is closed. 
If your account earns rewards, check your rewards activity.
  • If you redeem rewards through chase, you have at least 30 days to use them or you'll lose them. 
  • If you redeem rewards through a partner loyalty program, we'll transfer them to the partner. 
  • Before your rewards are used or transferred, you can lose them for program misuse, fraudulent activities, failure to pay, bankruptcy, or other reasons described in the terms of your rewards program. 
  • See the terms of your rewards program for details. 
If you have questions, you can call us anytime at the number on the back of your card. If you need a credit card in the future, we hope you'll consider Chase.


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