Thursday, November 20, 2014

Intel WiFi HotSpot Assistant

Intel® WiFi HotSpot Assistant is enabled through the software and a network service provided by Devicescape.  It is available for your use on this Intel platform solely at your discretion.  By clicking the "Accept" button below, you indicate that you have reviewed and agree to the Intel Terms and Conditions and the Devicescape Terms of Service (  In addition, you acknowledge and agree that this software and service are provided as is, and agree not to assert any claim against Intel Corp., its affiliates or customers associated with your use of Intel® WiFi HotSpot Assistant.  If you have any questions or concerns about any of the foregoing, please select the "Decline" button below.

Intel reserves the right to make changes as required to the Terms of Service.

For Devicescape Terms of Service visit

For Devicescape privacy visit

If you click Decline, the Intel® WiFi HotSpot Assistant feature will be disabled.  If you later change your mind and want to enable this feature, at the Control Panel, access Network and Internet > Intel® PROSet/Wireless Tools > Intel® WiFi HotSpot Assistant Settings.

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