Sunday, October 14, 2012

T-Mobile says: You have zero shared minutes remaining in your account

What can you do when you face such a situation? Perhaps the worst thing you can do is to do nothing. You might face hundreds of dollars in overage charges if you do nothing. You might not even notice it if you have your bill set to auto-pay. Now that we've outlined the worst case scenario, let's look at what options you have.

Firstly, you will want to look at your My T-Mobile account. Go and and select check usage. 

You might see something like this: 
or worse, something like this:

Next, you will want to call customer service from your T Mobile phone. Just dial 611 and do the hukilau dance to reach a live person.

Now, the first thing the customer service will recommend is to switch over to unlimited minutes. This makes sense for T-Mobile because this puts you on the hook for a contract extension. They didn't even have to throw a new bone, I mean phone to entice you to sign up! How convenient.

Of course, you might not want to do that especially if you are midway or over into your contract. Depending on who you call the most, you might have a better option. This is where the whole article is driving towards. You might want to see if it makes more sense to add unlimited mobile to mobile minutes for ten dollars per line. If you call a lot of cell phones instead of land line phones, which I am sure is the case with most people, it might make sense for you to add this feature. (You might wait and call them from a land line if the other party can't be bothered to give you their cell number). This feature does not extend your contract (thank you Zeus!) either. 

I just added this to three of the four lines on my T-Mobile account. Customer Service says it will take a few days for this to go through the system. I hope this gets rid of the overages charges and puts me at a clean 30 dollars overage which is still a good hundred dollars less than what I would have had to pay if I did nothing.

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