Sunday, June 24, 2012

Accidentally a dad? Reddit has advice for you

Here is  jjjj8888with some advice
Oh, the pep talk. I can do that :)
Let's talk poop first. Yes, babies poop. But I gotta say, it was a lot less gross than I expected. Once you've done it once, the line is crossed, and it's just not that bad.
Keeping babies happy is usually pretty easy. They need food, being changed, and being held, sometimes with bouncing. That's about it. They are really happy when you hold them, talk to them. I sang too -- I'm a terrible singer, but they didn't mind, they loved it. And read lots of books to them.
I thought being with a baby would be boring, but in fact it was fascinating. They grow so quickly, they change on a day-to-day basis. And they are very smart, learning new things daily, developing new skills.
Also, they are incredibly cute. Especially your own baby. A friend of mine said, they make 'em that way, so you don't throw them out the window.
Overall, taking care of babies was way easier, a lot more fun, and not at all as expensive as I'd expected. Babies just need you, it's older kids who need camps, computers and cars.
As they get older, the thing about kids is, your kids, is that they are a lot like you. They are interested in the things you're interested in. They have some of your good points. Some of the bad points, too. You're the coolest guy in the world, and always will be.
You're taking this seriously, which I see as a sign of great responsibility. You're a good guy. Raising kids is not only fun, but also the most fulfilling thing that most of us ever get to do.
Sources: a boy, now 14, and a girl, 10. Boy time flies -- never thought I'd be saying that.
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