Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bing Desktop on Windows Update: Next up, free smiley emoticon packages from Microsoft's partner companies?

Bing Desktop
Bing Desktop makes an appearance on Windows Microsoft Update. I don't need to say anything here. Just read from some very (un)satisfied Microsoft customers on the Microsoft website. Apparently, it is weeks old news but I just learned about it yesterday because I had been trying out the consumer preview of Windows 8. (Verdict: Don't bother.)

Was Bing desktop mistakenly put on windows update?
Why has windows update started delivering new apps like bing desktop rather than updates to exisiting apps as is its mandate. This is just wrong.

In all past history I can reliably click on optional updates, knowing it is going to optionally update my applications. Now I cannot trust update anymore. It is now supplying a completely new app called bing desktop that is not much more than an advertising slogan stuck in the middle of my desktop (If I put it at top of my screen it breaks the app)


To the original poster, NO - it was NOT a mistake, it was completely intentional. If you only know the amount of people who have to sign off on this kind of thing... (having worked there for over a decade, I do)

Bing Desktop is not an update to a previously installed program. So, whether it is in Important (Recommended) or Optional, the answer is the same. It is not an Update, so YES it does not belong. Unfortunately, Microsoft tends to define things the way they want to for their own needs (a la Humpty Dumpty).

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