Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Does something sound wrong in this paragraph?

Here is the paragraph in question (article link):
significant reduction in the corporate tax rate in the United States, which is the second highest among the developed countries, would be a much more powerful incentive to encourage American manufacturing production than these changes. Nor is it likely that they would have much effect on American manufacturing employment, because outsourcing has not been the major cause of manufacturing job losses.
To me, it sounds like there is a sentence gutted out from the paragraph. Here is the "these changes" from the previous paragraph.
In his State of the Union speech, President Obama proposed several additional changes in business taxes to discourage the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs and to encourage their creation in the United States.
 It makes more sense now that I think about it. Still, it interrupted my train of thought. Sigh.

Source: The New York Times Why Manufacturing Still Matters By LAURA D'ANDREA TYSON

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