Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Verge

Joining The Verge

Community Guidelines:

The Verge is a wonderful place to talk about gadgets and technology, and we want you to help keep it wonderful.
Curious about what that means? Here are a few, brief guidelines:
No abusive behavior
Otherwise known as “don’t be a jerk,” we won’t tolerate personal attacks on other members or on groups. If you’re trolling, being racist, sexist, insulting other members, using offensive language, or engaging other abusive behavior you can and should expect to have your post deleted and quite possibly have your account banned. All of the above applies doubly to images on The Verge: keep it clean.
Stay on topic
Please make sure your forum posts and comments are on-topic. For example, if you have a question about Windows, post it in that forum. Quite often the subject you’d like to discuss already has a post about it, in that case it’s better to comment on that post rather than start a new one. In other words, please search before you post! We also don’t look kindly on comments that can take a thread off-topic.
Love and help your moderators
Moderators work very hard to foster helpful and fun conversations: respect their hard work. If you see a problem comment, flag it! If you have a problem with the way a post or comment was moderated, email moderators@theverge.com — publicly complaining about moderation is a good way to have your posts removed.

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