Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OMGZ I am going to be a millio... wait, something's fishy

I thought we didn't have this kind of scam anymore. Do people still fall for this?
Dear Friend,

I am Mr. Morgan Reids an Accountant & the Auditor General of one of the newGeneration Bank in United Kingdom (Royal Bank of Scotland ).Though, thismedium (Internet) has been greatly abused, But I choose to reach you throughit because it still remains the fastest and most confidential medium ofcommunication. However, this correspondence is unofficial and private, and itshould be treated as such. Well I have an urgent and lucrative businesstransaction that will Profit the both of us after completion. So I want youto patiently read through this email and get back to me.

There is this immigrant Mr. Andreas schranner, property magnate who was basedin the U.K. , and happens to be one of our very good clients. He made adeposit of fund valued at ?18,500,000.00 (Eighteen Million Five HundredThousand Great British Pounds sterling) with our bank here in United Kingdomand unfortunately on the 25th of July 2000, Mr. Andreas schranner, his wifeMaria, their daughter AndrĂ©a eich, her husband Christian, and their childrenKatharine and Maximilian all died in the air craft ( France concord planecrash) bound for New York in their plan for a world cruise, do check thislink to see the highlight of what I am explaining


This sum of ?18,500,000.00 (Eighteen Million Five Hundred Thousand GreatBritish Pounds sterling) has been floating as unclaimed since the yearmillennium 2000 in my bank as all efforts to get across the relatives of ourclient who deposited the money has hit the stones. All attempts to trace hisnext of kin were fruitless. My position here at my office requires me toinvestigate and I therefore made further investigations and discovered thatMr. Andreas Schranner did not declare any next of kin or relation in all hisofficial documents, including his bank deposit paperwork in my bank.According to the British Law, the money will revert to the ownership of theBritish government if nobody applies to claim the fund. To avoid this moneybeing sent to the British treasury as unclaimed funds, I have decided to seekyour assistance to have you stand as his next of kin so that the said fund?18,500,000.00 (Eighteen Million Five Hundred Thousand Great British Poundssterling) would be released in your name as the next of kin and paid intoyour account. Be informed that there is no risk involved as all necessarylegal documents which will be used to back you up as the legal beneficiaryand next of kin of my late client will be procured by a lawyer. All documentsand proof that will have you claim this fund will be forwarded to you withoutany stress upon your response to this mail. We shall share this fund based ona clear and legitimate agreement with you and for the role you are going toplay in this transaction. Please send your confidential telephone in yourreply to this business transaction so that I will really know if you arecapable and have the quality of the kind of trust worth fellow I need to workin partnership with. But truly I would like to let you know that I am veryafraid of disclosing this deal to you because I don’t really know if you area good and trust worthy to partner with in getting this deposited sumreleased as I have already made all my plans on the step by step process thatwe need to execute this issue without any risk involved in this claims. All Irequire is your sincerity, honesty, co-operation and utmost good faiths toenable us see this deal through. I guarantee that this will be executed undera legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law.

So I think I shall be waiting to know what is in your mind then I would knowif you are really ready and serious to this issue processed on time. Do notforget that a transaction of this magnitude require utmost confidentialityand sincerity. I look forward to your urgent response.

So I will be waiting to receive your response as soon as possible to know ifI may start giving you the full highlight regarding the full details on howwe are to proceed.

Thanks for your understand and do have a nice day.

Mr. Morgan Reids

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