Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ally Customer Consent to Receive Account Information Electronically

Ally Customer Consent to Receive Account Information Electronically
With your consent, Ally may provide Ally Account information electronically by:
  • Displaying it on this website
  • Displaying it on your mobile device
  • Sending you the Ally Account Information in a message to a secure mailbox on this website
  • Asking you to print or download the Ally Account Information and retain it for your records
Your consent will apply to all Ally Account Information provided during this application process and after your Account is opened. Examples of Ally Account Information to be provided electronically under this consent include:
  • The Ally Deposit Agreement
  • The Online Services Agreement
  • Other Account related agreements and disclosures
  • Notices for change-in-terms to all of the above agreements
  • Notices related to electronic fund transfers
  • Privacy Notices
  • Privacy Notices for California Residents
  • Account Statements
  • Other Account-related information
This Consent applies to any Ally Account Information that you or we elect at any time to provide electronically. We may, however, continue to provide some Ally Account Information using paper even if you consent to receive it electronically. For example, we may continue to send you paper Account Statements unless you choose to receive your Account Statements only online after your Account is opened.
Your consent also permits us to obtain your Electronic Signature in connection with your Account.
Before you decide whether to consent to receive Ally Account Information electronically, you should also know:
  • You can obtain paper copies of Ally Account Information we provide electronically at any time at no charge. To obtain paper copies, simply call us at 1-877-247-ALLY (2559).
  • You can withdraw your consent to receive Ally Account Information electronically at any time at no charge. If you withdraw your consent,you won't be able to access your Account online or receive communications about your Account by email,and you will only receive paper Account Statements. To withdraw your consent, simply call us at 1-877-247-ALLY (2559).
  • You can update your email address after your Account is opened by logging into online banking and changing it under My Profile.
  • To receive the Ally Account Information electronically and retain it, you need:
    1. A computer with a connection to the Internet
    2. An email address
    3. Windows (XP or Vista) or Mac OS X (Leopard or Snow Leopard)
    4. A compatible web browser that supports XHTML 1.0, SSL encryption, and Javascript. Many browsers work with our site, but the following work best:
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (Windows)
      • Mozilla Firefox 3.5 (Windows or Mac OS)
    5. Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher (we recommend 9.0 or higher for our PDFs) or other software that allows you to view and print PDF documents
    6. A printer, hard drive or other storage device for downloading and retaining the Account Information.
Choose the document links on the web page below this Consent to make sure you can view and print or download the Ally Account Information. If you can't view the Ally Account Information, please download a free Adobe Reader or call us at 1-877-247-ALLY (2559).

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