Friday, April 22, 2011

Thank you, Verizon

I would like to thank Verizon Wireless for being nice enough to note in the email what is changing to the terms of service when they send a notification about it. 

Dear Valued Verizon Customer,

Good news!  Below please find the description of changes to the Verizon Online Terms of Service (TOS) effective 4/19/11.

In particular, Verizon will send emails regarding your account or TOS changes to your designated Primary Email Address on file. What this means to you is that these updates will now be emailed to the account you have marked as “Primary” on your My Verizon account profile.  This will now make it much easier for you to keep up to date on important account-related updates using your Primary email address.

We encourage you to log-in to the Account Profile section at and make sure that you have designated a Primary Email Address. When you do update your Primary Email Address you will receive a confirmation email from Verizon that your email address has been updated.

Below you will find information regarding the additional changes to your TOS. We value you as a customer and look forward to continuing to serve you.



Effective April 19, 2011 - Important Information Regarding Changes to Your Verizon Online Terms Of Service 

The following is an outline of important changes to the Verizon Online Terms of Service which are effective as of April 19, 2011.  We have described these changes in general terms below and recommend that you review the complete Terms of Service to determine how these changes, and other routine changes being made simultaneously, apply to you or your use of the Service. The Terms of Service can be accessed by clicking on the following link: The Terms of Service, as revised, will govern your rights and obligations, and ours, with respect to your use of the Services we offer. As set forth in Section 3 of the Terms of Service, your continued use of the Service after the effective date of these changes will constitute your agreement to the changes.

1. Primary Email Address for Terms of Service Notices.  We have updated our Terms of Service to specify that any future email notices we send you concerning revisions to either the Terms of Service or to your Verizon Online services will be sent to the primary email address you provide us.  Specifically, we have defined a new term, “Primary Email Address” as the email address you provide to receive communications from Verizon and have updated Sections 3, 10.4, 14.1 and Attachment B, Section 1.4 of the Terms of Service to reflect this new term.  You can confirm or change your Primary Email Address anytime by visiting My Verizon at

2. Toll Free Number for Reporting Security Incidents Involving Lost or Stolen Login Credentials.  Section 10.3 has been updated to include a toll free number for reporting incidents relating to lost or stolen Verizon login credentials.

3. Home Router Password Changes. Section 10.4 was updated to clarify that Verizon may in limited instances modify administrative passwords for home routers in order to safeguard Internet security and our network, the security and privacy of subscriber information, to comply with the law, and/or to provide, upgrade and maintain service.  The administrative password for your home router is used to access the “administrative” controls for the router and to make changes to your router’s internal settings.  We will use reasonable means to notify Subscribers whose home router administrative passwords are changed, which may include email notice to your Primary Email Address and/or an announcement on the My Verizon portal.

4. Paperless Billing. Sections 8.1 and 8.2 have been modified to add additional terms relating to Paperless Billing.  The remaining subsections in Section 8 remain unchanged, except for their numbering.

5. Prohibited Activities on My Verizon Customer Portal.  A new Section 11.8 was added to clarify that certain activities are prohibited in connection with the use of the My Verizon customer portal, including use of data mining robots, interference with the proper functioning of My Verizon, unauthorized framing techniques, and unauthorized use of Verizon trademarks.  Please see the Terms of Service for additional details on prohibited activities.

Please take time to review the complete Verizon Online Terms of Service. Thank you for being a Verizon Online customer.

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