Saturday, March 5, 2011


Here's a quote from r/math on reddit 
I've come to an epiphany, and it's your fault:
I'm retarded.
Twelve years of public education and I'm not even knee deep in the massive ocean of human knowledge. The single most significant revelation of my perceived existence has been to realize just how insignificant I am. Soon after discovering this, I found that it would be better to try and forget it.
Since I had already considered my own existence for long enough to find a life of hedonism and carnality unsatisfying, I thought the purist place to look would be in a life of pure academia. To spend my life learning all I could, and perhaps achieve some sort of enlightenment.
After a few days on the this subreddit, I concluded that this was as foolish a path as hedonism. Before I had known that I was ignorant, but had always believed that in time I would grow wiser. Now, I see little hope of ever growing wise. Even in the specialization of one field, I could devote decades of my life to study and still have plenty more to learn.
Now, more than ever I want to go into math. Contrived or discovered, there is an immutable beauty in math. Yet my life's study would amount to only a few proofs with my name on them.
I don't know what to do, Reddit. I have little motivation in any school work anymore. If anything, it would be more meaningful to drop out of school than to spend all of my life chasing a train I'll never be able to catch.
-Somberly, Andbberger
PS I apologize for any grammar/continuity errors, I didn't give them much consideration when writing this.

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