Monday, February 21, 2011

Responding to miss manners

These are just my meandering personal opinions in reply to First off, we don't need new rules. We just need some sort of common sense. Just a "friend" on face book is not a friend, it is a connection.

- Do I have to ask before I post a photo of a friend online? Who has editorial approval?
No, you should not have to ask before you post a photo of a friend online (provided they know you took the picture, no secret/hidden cam). If they are in the photo, they may request you to take down the video in which case you should a. take down the photo b. blur them out
- Am I required to respond to every inbound communication I receive or is “ignoring” an accepted response?
No. Ignoring is the best option.
- Where is the line between encouraging participation and being just plain annoying?
Not listening when they say STOP.
- What are you doing mucking up my activity stream?
If you don't want me in your activity stream, remove me.
- What the heck is a “friend” anyway?
Friend is just a choice of words. For most people, a friend (on face book) is a contact. Nothing more.

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