Friday, February 4, 2011

Al Jazeera's Gulf War moment?

Most people over thirty should know about CNN and its gulf war moment in the Gulf War. Is al Jazeera trying to make the situation in Egypt their gulf war moment? 

From the wikipedia article on the Gulf war (linked above): 
Still, it was CNN which gained the most popularity for their coverage, and indeed its wartime coverage is often cited as one of the landmark events in the development of the network. CNN correspondents John Holliman and Peter Arnett and CNN anchorBernard Shaw relayed audio reports from the Al-Rashid Hotel as the air strikes began. The network had previously convinced the Iraqi government to allow installation of a permanent audio circuit in their makeshift bureau. When the telephones of all of the other Western TV correspondents went dead during the bombing, CNN was the only service able to provide live reporting. After the initial bombing, Arnett remained behind and was, for a time, the only American TV correspondent reporting from Iraq.
Now check out this link to al Jazeera and the associated reddit thread at Do you think al Jazeera will be able to pull it off? Why or why not?

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