Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Capstone: Introduction

Capstone is a two hour course. It meets twice a week for an hour each. We will work on the big picture and discuss how people do math.

  1. Article summary/presentations 
  2. Course outlines/presentations 
  3. Practice problems 
  4. Book reports 
  5. Maple assignments 
  6. Term papers/presentation 
  7. Comprehensive exam 
About course outlines: Make your course outlines two or three pages long, not fourteen pages long. Make copies for everyone in class. You will need it for the final. 

Book report: Half or more can be a summary and the other half can be a ... . 

Five to seven minute things: 
  1. Set operations Ku
  2. Logical operations Li
  3. Negations La
  4. Direct proof Ha
  5. Proof by contrapositive St 
  6. Proof by induction Mi
  7. Proof by contradiction Ev
It is three chapters for each chapter 
Calculus I: Dr Reeves and La 
Chapters 2 to 4
Calculus II: Mi and Ha 
Chapters 5, 7, 8
Calculus III: Ev and Li 
Chapters 9 to 11
Calculus IV: Ku and St 
Chapters 12 to 14

Choices are: 
DE:  Ha
Linear: St 
Numerical: La
Prob and stat: Ev
Geometry: Li
Abstract: Mi
Reals: Ku 

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